Plant of the Month Box Subscription

$ 49.50 $ 55.00

12 Month Subscription

Begins with
July Plant of the Month:
Lemon Balm

Our July Box will start shipping the first week of July

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of medicinal plants each month.

Working one-on-one with a plant each month is a wonderful way to create a deeper relationship with the plants. Our Plant of the Month Boxes are meant to be a guide to help you discover new things about yourself, the plants, and making herbal medicine.

With a 12-month subscription, you will be charged monthly and automatically receive your box each month, while saving 10% off the price of individual boxes!

Over the year, you will be invited to learn different ways to engage with plants, and how to make infusions, decoctions, tinctures, oxymels, food recipes, and more!

If you order now, your 12 month subscription will begin with the July Lemon Balm Box in July 2022 and end with the June Rose box in June 2023.

In the Lemon Balm box, you will receive a 35+ page full color Herbal Zine on Lemon Balm that includes an introduction to the plant, materia medica, modern medicinal uses, history and lore, growing and harvesting, medicinal preparations and food recipes.

Throughout the zine there are invitations to encourage you to go outside and spend time with the plant. To observe. To be respectful, to sketch, take notes, to do whatever moves you.

You’ll also receive:
8 oz jar filled with dried Lemon Balm for making a tincture
Bag of dried Lemon Balm for making infusions and whatever else your heart desires
2 oz bottle w/ dropper for your finished tincture
1 oz bottle Lemon Balm Flower Essence
...and a few extra goodies!


The 12 Plants of the Month are:


April :: Dandelion
May :: Nettle
June :: Rose
July :: Lemon Balm
August :: Chamomile
September :: Tulsi
October :: Calendula
November :: Yarrow
December :: Elderberry
January :: Mullein
February :: Mugwort
March :: Burdock