The Farm

The Herbal Revolution farm crew of sustainable farmers, gardeners, and herbalists

Everything starts here. 

The land. The land we refer to as the farm. This is the heart and soul of Herbal Revolution. The relationship between the plants and animals is why Herbal Revolution exists. This deep connection and passion with the natural world is the inspiration behind supporting healthy sustainable ecosystems. If the land and natural world is thriving, this health can reflect upon the community creating healthy folx within those communities.

Scarlet Bee Balm Monarda on our organic herb farm; Maine organic herbal medicine The farm is more than just rows and gardens. It’s more than the plants that we consciously grow or the animals that we purposely live with. It’s also about all the trees, plants and wild animals that we coexist with. The coyotes that I hear on my evening farm walks. The deer and turkey that like to hang out in the woods along the upper field. The red tail hawk that lives over in the North field and all the honey bees that work alongside us. It’s about everything happening in our environment. It all plays a part.

I feel grateful and honored to grow food and medicine. To me being a farmer goes far deeper than sowing a seed. On a daily basis, I care for the land, the insects, and animals. I’m a steward. I listen to the land every day. I’m a student of my surroundings and ecosystem, and a teacher of this knowledge about the food and medicine I grow. I farm because I believe that sustainable farming can help support food security and health access to people in my community and throughout the country.


Certified Organic by MOFGA Logo

The Herbal Revolution farm is proudly USDA Certified Organic by MOFGA (Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association).