Our Story

Kathi Langelier, Herbal Revolution's Founder, Formulator, and CEO, wearing a yellow shirt by an apple tree

Welcome to Herbal Revolution!

Welcome! My name is Katheryn Langelier and I'm the founder and formulator of Herbal Revolution. Herbal Revolution has been inspired by the resiliency and tenacity of plants. The tender green sprouts of dandelion plants that rise up, breaking through the asphalt of the sidewalk - this is where the heart of Herbal Revolution lies.

Herbal Revolution provides high quality herbal wellness products that are effective, delicious and versatile. We have a certified organic farm located in beautiful midcoast Maine where we grow most of the herbs that go into our teas, tonics, elixirs and body products.

Working with plant medicine and sustainable, organic farming is the heart of this business. This is our life and passion. We’re the real deal. I work with an amazing team of clinical herbalists and organic/sustainable farmers. We have a passion for the land, environment, social/civil justice, our communities and a passion for what we create.

Our goal is to bring light to these amazing plants that not too long ago were the staple food and medicine of the people. We want to see more people have access to these plants and the education to use them safely and respectfully. I want to bridge the gap between food as medicine and medicine as food by creating products that are meant to be used in our everyday lives.      

Herbal Revolution is our lifestyle and it can be yours as well. 


Our Mission

Our mission— radical wellness. It’s a lifestyle we live and breathe every day. We want to revolutionize how people care for themselves, the land, and our communities by creating high-quality, plant-based products that reconnect humans to plant medicine in modern ways. We are fueled by the commitment to empowering people to take action in supporting their health and wellness. As honored stewards of the land, we value this mission over revenue. From farm to bottle we focus on premium ingredients rooted in the highest organic, sustainability, and fair-trade standards.

Our Values

Bold Standards
We are the real deal, we believe in operating from a place of authenticity. We walk our talk and live a lifestyle of radical wellness every day in caring for ourselves, our community, and the environment. We are committed to making choices that ensure the viability of our mission while putting our ingredients and the environment before the bottom line.

Trusted Transparency
From farm to bottle we focus on premium ingredients rooted in the highest organic, sustainability, and fair-trade standards. We believe every ingredient in every product should be held to the highest standards so you know all that goes into the products you love.

Inspired Resiliency
We are fueled by nature’s strength and believe people should be inspired to take action in how we care for ourselves, our community, and our world. We believe that healthy individuals create healthy communities that want to create a healthy environment and world for all beings.

Fearless Sustainability
Connecting people to plants to be truly well together. We believe in the importance of sustainable, ethical, chemical-free farming and fair-trade practices. We support renewable energies and believe that we all need to be stewards of the land.

Empowered Community
We believe in building the health of communities up along with individuals and look at our customers as community members. We value each individual
in our community and welcome all beings. We have zero tolerance for social and environmental injustices.

Meet the Team