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Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of medicinal plants with our Plant of the Month BoxesWorking one-on-one with a plant each month is a wonderful way to create a deeper relationship with the plants. Our Plant of the Month Boxes are meant to be a guide to help you discover new things about yourself, your surroundings, and the plants.

We want our products to be fun and easy to use in your everyday life! While we focus on creating products that are delicious on their own, mix it up and try some of our delicious Recipes.

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Learn about individual herb profiles in our Materia Medica! Here you will find in-depth information about plants' key constituents, actions, and general safety information, as well as learning about identification, growing, harvesting, traditional uses and herb folklore.

Visit our Wellness section to explore topics like Sleep & Stress and suggestions for preparing an Evening Tea Ritual.

The Book

Herbal Revolution book by Kathi Langelier: 65+ Recipes for Teas, Elixirs, Tinctures, Syrups, Foods + Body Products That Heal

Herbal Revolution: 65+ Recipes for Teas, Elixirs, Tinctures, Syrups, Foods + Body Products That Heal

Full of gorgeous photographs and providing herbal recipes that everyone can make, this is a treasure trove of essential skills and techniques to make herbal preparations in your own home.

A Modern Guide to Holistic Health + Wellness with Plants

Discover the healing power of plants with Kathi Langelier, the award-winning herbalist behind Herbal Revolution Farm + Apothecary. In this beautiful and inspiring collection, Kathi shares her most popular and effective formulas to support your daily health and wellness. Renew each system of the body with uniquely crafted teas, tinctures, syrups, foods, body products and everything in between. Featured recipes include Elderberry Syrup with Reishi + Roots to strengthen the immune system, Gut-Soothing Tea to nourish your digestive system and Hang in There Elixir to help with anxiety. There is a magic to infusing plants in such simple solutions as water, oil or alcohol, and Kathi guides readers on their herbal journey with the kind of wisdom and care one can only acquire from many years of devoting their life completely to their art.

Knowledge is power. Read these recipes, practice, get to know the plants living around you and listen to your body. By joining Kathi and gaining knowledge in this way, you create your own power to heal what troubles you, restore your vitality for life and maintain wellness throughout your body, mind and spirit.

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