Plant of the Month Individual Boxes

$ 55.00

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Working one-on-one with a plant each month is a wonderful way to create a deeper relationship with the plants.

This medicine making kit is meant to be a guide to help you discover new things about yourself, the plants, and making herbal medicine.

We'd love to have you join us for the year-long Plant of the Month experience (subscriptions available here - save 10%!), but if we have boxes available, we will open sales for individual boxes on the 15th of every month at 5pm Eastern.

In your box, you will receive a 30-50 page full color Herbal Zine written by our founder Kathi Langelier. The zine includes an introduction to the plant, materia medica, modern medicinal uses, history and lore, growing and harvesting, medicinal preparations and food recipes. 

Throughout the zine there are invitations to encourage you to go outside and spend time with the plant. To observe. To be respectful, to sketch, take notes, to do whatever moves you.

You’ll also receive:
Glass jar filled with dried herb for making tincture
Amber dropper bottle for your finished tincture
Tincture labels
Dried herb for making other recipes in the zine
Flower Essence
Plant card with elemental + astrological correspondences
Plant sticker

Some boxes include seeds for recipes or planting