Dried Wild Mint

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Herbal Revolution is a certified organic herb farm located in the beautiful state of Maine. We grow 4 acres of herbs and vegetables that go into our award winning products, and we also offer a series of brilliant dried herbs for your own creations!

To offer you only the freshest, most potent herbs, we harvest at various points throughout the season when each of our plants are their most vibrant. Availability for each herb is seasonal and quantities are limited.


Dried herbs can be used in so many ways, and each plant has their own unique set of benefits (check out our herb profiles to learn a little about any herb you're considering). The possibilities are endless, but some of the ways we use dried herbs is to make:

  • Teas: mix a blend of herbs to experiment with different teas, or try each dried herb individually as its own tea
  • Infusions: similar to teas, but infusions require a longer steep time to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals.
  • Tinctures / bitters: experiment with making your own elixirs or bitters by steeping your herbs in alcohol or vinegar, to use medicinally or in the kitchen