Lucid Dreams Tea

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Lucid dreaming is an intense way to connect with your subconscious and interact more closely with the dream world. Our Lucid Dreams Tea blend is intended to bring us closer to our innermost thoughts and desires. This tea is a gentle herbal gateway to the next level — soothing herbs like catnip, skullcap, chamomile, and lavender help you tap into energetic vibrations that can take you to the stars... and beyond.


2 oz Paper Bag

4oz Paper Bag



Catnip leaf & flower(Nepeta cataria)*, Skullcap flowering tops(Scutellaria lateriflora)*, Chamomile flowers(Matricaria recutita)*, Lavender flowers(Lavandula angustifolia)* & Mugwort leaf(Artemisia vulgaris)*

*certified organic

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