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Tea Set

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Brand Herbalrevolution

Our Lemon Squeeze tea is a lovely blend for making iced tea during the warm summer months.                                                                                                                           Made with all organic herbs of: Lemon balm, Lemongrass, Lemon Verbena, Lemon peel, Rose hips and Rosemary.

Our Restore + Relax is delicious brewed hot our cold. This blend is made with nourishing herbs to soothe stressed nerves.                                                                                       Made with all organic herbs of: Tulsi, Lemon balm, Oatstraw, Nettles, Passion flower, Oat tops, Hibiscus 

Love Your Lungs tea is a blend of herbs that support the respiratory system.               Made with all organic herbs of: Nettle, Hyssop, Marshmallow root, Mullein, Thyme,