Luscious Locks Set for DARK Hair

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Who says brunettes don't have more fun? Our Luscious Locks Set for Dark Hair includes our two products that care naturally for dark hair and help maintain scalp health: our Down to the Roots Dark Rinse Concentrate and Deep Roots Nourishing Hair + Scalp Oil.

Together, these products will cleanse and nourish darker hair as well as control frizz and flyaways. The herbal ingredients used to make both products have a history of use for supporting healthy hair and scalp.

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Using a shower-safe bottle, mix 2-4 TBSP of our Dark Hair Rinse Concentrate to every 8 fl oz of water. Massaging the rinse into your scalp + hair. Leave in your hair for a few minutes before rinsing out. You can use alone, or after you shampoo and/or condition. Avoid your eyes. For external use only. 

Then — after or during your regular hair styling routine — place of a few drops of oil in your palm and use on fly away hair. Or, massage oil onto your scalp, work the oil to your hair ends, and leave in. You can also wrap your hair with a warm damp towel and leave in for 25-30 minutes before showering.


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