Immune Support Superhero Set

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The fall, winter, and spring months can bog us down with threats of the cold or the flu. We feel the best thing during these months is to support our bodies' healthy immune response and vitality with prevention.

Our Immune Supporting Superheroes — like the Mushroom + Roots Elixir, Fire Cider Tonic, Elderberry Elixir, and Chaga Chai — support our immune vitality through preventative care. If dealing with more deliberate issues, our Love your Lungs Tea and Fire Cider Tonic may offer support.

We’re offering this collection in three different sizes.

Small set includes:

Medium set includes:

Large set includes:

For more information on each product please follow the links.


Tonics can be sipped, mixed, or taken straight.

  • SIP — Add 1 tbsp. of Fire Cider Tonic to 8 oz. water or juice, stir, and sip.
  • MIX — Stir 1 tbsp. of Fire Cider Tonic into mocktails, mixers, sauces, dressings, or marinades.
  • SHOOT — Take 1 tbsp. of Fire Cider Tonic daily, or as a digestif after meals.

Elixirs are taken by the dropperful — you can take an elixir directly, or mix it with a couple of ounces or water or any other preferred drink as needed.

Teas should be prepared with boiling water (please see each individual tea product to determine tea-to-water ratios). Once water is poured, cover your drinking vessel and steep teas for 5-15 minutes.