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Flower Essence Kit - Farm Collection

Flower Essences are made by infusing the energetics of a flower in water with the sun or the moon. 

This collection is created from some of the beautiful and amazing plants that live and grow with us on the farm. 

This collection include eight different plants in 1 oz dropper bottles. You will also receive a reference guide to each Flower Essence.

We hope you enjoy.

St. John’s Wort - helps bring light to people dealing with fears. This can be fears of the dark or restless sleep due to nightmares.

Yarrow - protects against absorbing negative energies. It creates an energetic boundary and sheild. Made under the sun and both full and new moon.

California Poppy - supports awaking the light from within and developing self reliance.

Dandelion - guides us to slow down and tune is and listen to our bodies emo by tional and physical needs and supports brining more balance to our lives.

Hawthorn - helps open and warm our hearts. Supportive through broken hearts and grief and helps to open us up to love.

Chamomile - helps to soothe anxiety, anger, heightened emotions and bring upon on a brighter mood.

Apple Blossom - helps guide us to dealing and address issues that we are carrying deep with in our core and bringing about resolve.

Red Clover - a spiritual cleanser that helps clear negative energy that was passed on from others.