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Clarify Herbal Facial Steam

$ 18.00


Our Clarify Herbal Facial Steam blend includes antioxidant, astringent, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory herbs to soothe irritation, nourish the body, and deeply cleanse the skin.

Facial steams can increase circulation and help loosen oil and buildup in pores, making them ideal to use prior to facial masks or extractions. They are also wonderful to use before toners, face oils, and moisturizers, as they open the pores and help your other skincare absorb more deeply into your skin.

Size: 1.5 oz net weight in resealable bag

Suggested Use:

Facial steaming is a fantastic ritual. to make a part of your natural and holistic skincare routine.

  • Combine 1/4 cup of herbs and 4 cups of boiling water in a heat-proof bowl
  • Cover and steep 5 minutes or until the steam is cool enough to be comfortable
  • With a towel, create a tent over the bowl, capturing the delicious herbal steam
  • Hover your face above the steam at a comfortable distance for 10 - 15 minutes
  • Careful not to overheat
  • Enjoy! and follow up with one of our herbal face masks, herbal toners, and Nourish Herbal Face Oil

You can also strain out the herbs, dip a cloth in the "tea", wring out the excess moisture, and lay the cloth over your face.

Use once to three times per week.


Handcrafted with all organic herbs, including Calendula, Lemon Verbena, Wild Mint, Nettle, Hibiscus


Steams should never be too hot; you should be completely comfortable without needing "breaks" due to excessive heat during your steam.

The thinner and/or more sensitive your skin, the longer we recommend letting the steam cool before using.

Those with rosecea or broken capillaries may wish to talk to their dermatologist before facial steaming.

Type: Body Care