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Wild Rose and Honey Elixir

Our Wild Rose and Honey Elixir is a special limited elixir that we make and offer every year, capturing the essence of rose and the wild Maine coast 

We hand gather the rose petals from the wild rosa rugosa...beach roses... that grow all along Maine's pristine coast and islands. We then infuse the intoxicating petals in Organic Raw Honey and Spirits. 

Roses have long been revered for their affinity both physically and energetically to the body and mind while uplifting the spirit. 

We take the power and beauty that rose has to offer and put it in a bottle. This is a very special elixir that we cherish making here at Herbal Revolution. 

If you love roses and honey you, will love this award-winning Wild Rose and Honey Elixir.

INGREDIENTS: Wild Rose, Organic Raw Honey and Spirits. 

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