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Nettle Zine by Kathi Langelier

$ 14.00

Kathi's new Herbal Zine on Nettle is a guide to help you discover new things about yourself, your surroundings, and the magnificent herb Nettle.

This full color 34 page Herbal Zine includes an introduction to nettles, materia medica, modern medicinal uses, history and lore, thoughts on harvesting and wild gathering, medicinal preparations and food recipes.

A whimsical nettle sticker and a sweet info card with a botanical drawing, Nettle energetics, and astrological and elemental correspondences are included with your Zine.

Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"

Kathi Langelier is Herbal Revolution's founder, formulator, and CEO. Read more about Kathi and Meet the Team here!

Type: Education

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