6 Month Botanical Exploration in Maine

$ 575.00

Brand Herbalrevolution

Join me for a six month in-depth exploration of twelve plants. 

This class is for people that want to gain a foundation in herbal medicine and go deeper into learning some of the plants that grow here in Maine.

We will focus on two herbs a month that grow wild in Maine or that can easily be grown here. We'll discuss habitat, historical uses, folk lore, current uses, energetics how to grow and harvest the plants and of course how to make them into medicine and use them.

Some of the medicine making practices you'll learn will be making tea, infused oils, salves, hydrosols, tinctures, syrups and flower essences. We will be making food with some of these plants as well! 

Each class you'll receive handouts and recipes of the plants we're working with and the herbal preparations we made in that day. You'll also receive seeds and seedlings of some of the plants we'll be working with so you can have the experience of growing with them.

This program will meet once a month from 10 am - 2 or 3 pm May - October. 

May 25th: Nettle and Dandelion  * This class will most likely be from 10 am - 4 pm

June 29th: Rose and Yarrow

July 27th: St. John's Wort and Oats

August 24th: Lemon Balm and Sacred Basil

September 28th: Calendula and Mints

October 26th: White Pine and Burdock

Class will meet in Union at our farm and at our new location down the street.

Cost: $575 * Minimum of 10 participants signed up for the program by May 18th to run. You will be reimbursed in full otherwise.*

I have been working plants and making botanical medicine for over 20 years. 

When I was in my late teens a dear friend of the family, who was an herbalist, recommended that I learn everything I could about one plant for a month. This was sage advise.  I'm using this concept and applying it to this program. We will be focusing on two plants a month and diving deep into learning what we can about the plant. 

This class will offer you hands on experience working with each plant. You will leave each class with something you've made and receive resources. In between classes is your opportunity to take your studies deeper with lessons and self exploration and your working with and creating with the plants. We will start each class, with the exception of the first, with roughly ten minute presentations. Everyone in the class will have an opportunity to share something they learned and what they made using the plants.