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Flower Essences are made by infusing the energetics of a flower in water. This is done with the help of the sun and/or the moon. Read about the qualities of each Flower Essence below to discover which essences you may want to invite into your life!

Size: 1 oz Amber Glass Bottle with Dropper

Suggested Use:

Flower essences can be used on your body, dropped directly in your mouth, or used on items in your physical space (linens, yoga mat, altars, etc.). Flower essences can also be added to water or mixed with any other drink.


Fresh blossoms sun-infused in distilled spring water, preserved with 40% brandy alcohol
*Burdock and Lemon Balm also include organic Red Shiso and White Vinegar*


Burdock can help us energetically detoxify, releasing suppressed and stuck emotions of anger, bitterness, grief and sadness. It can help with shifting, breaking, and clearing old habits, creating space for clarity. Burdock Flower Essence can help clear feelings of despair and bring a sense of peace, calm, kindness, and focus.

Calendula spreads its warmth and joy like the rays of the sun, helping to center and ground us, bringing a sense of warmth, openness, and receptivity. Helping empower us to be grounded, clear and open with communication. To be kind, compassionate and empathetic when listening and speaking to others. It can help us be clear with our words, softening any sharp or hard edges we might carry with communication. Creating heart-centered communication. Warming us up and slowing us down to be fully present. Calendula helps us connect to our self-worth, empowering us to trust ourselves and listen to our intuition.

Chamomile helps to soothe anger and heightened emotions — it brings upon a brighter mood. This plant has a reputation as a calming, relaxing, and lulling plant, but it's also a plant that can inspire deep creativity and inspiration — it can help you get "unstuck" and tap into your intuition and creativity.

Dandelion guides us to slow down, tune in, and listen to our body's emotional and physical needs — dandelion supports bringing more balance into our lives. This is also a great plant to remind us of tenacity. Think of the dandelions sprouting up in the spring — it doesn't matter how thick the concrete or how sturdy the asphalt, dandelions will always find a way to thrive.

Elder Flower Essence is a nurturing and kind remedy; one that helps build inner strength and self confidence. It can be supportive when we need to find courage and strength in ourselves, especially during times of change or when faced with challenges. Elder flower can help quiet our fears, self doubt, and anxiety, helping to instill a sense of grounded stability. Elder flower offers protection and can be used when your energy is feeling invaded.

Lemon Balm is a good flower essence for when we feel our strength and health are being depleted from being overrun with stress or being overly concerned what people think. It can help renew our vitality, bring clarity to our mind, lift our spirits, and help bring us back into balance emotionally. Bringing us back into ourselves. It also helps us relax into ourselves, giving us confidence in our inner knowing and bringing about a restoring effect to us as a whole.

Mugwort Flower Essence can help us tap into our subconscious psyche through the dreamworld. It can help bring perception and clarity through our dreams to offer insight into our daily lives. Mugwort flower essence not only helps us tap into our psyche, it can also be helpful for people who have such an active psychic life that it leaves them feeling cut off and ungrounded in the earthly physical world. Mugwort can help bring balance by helping people transition from nighttime consciousness into day. It can also be helpful for people experiencing vivid disturbing dreams, irrational thoughts or tendencies, panic attacks, or highly sensitive emotional states.

Mullein is a flower essence that invokes light and inner guidance, helping us see our path clearly, leading us to our true selves and potential. It can be useful when we are struggling with our consciousness and unable to hear our inner voice and truths. When our honesty or moral values are challenged, possibly by societal or peer pressures. When we are challenged with indecision, mullein flower essence can help to move away all the distracting chatter so our inner knowing can be heard.

Nettle Flower Essence is beneficial for people who are acting in malicious and bitter ways — who have a tendency to always be angry and/or mean because they feel life is unfair and out to get them, that they were given the short end of the stick. Nettle flower essence can aid in the releasing of this anger, pain, and frustration, helping people relate to others and have more ease with their own expression.

St. John’s Wort interacts with the nervous system to help bring light to people dealing with fear. This can be fear of the dark or restless sleep due to nightmares. This herb can also potentially help soothe joint and muscle pain.

Tulsi, in Ayurveda, is considered sacred and sattvic, which refers to an energy that is peaceful and nourishing, providing the mind, body, and spirit with balance and vitality. Tulsi flower essence helps bring a sense of wholeness and wellbeing to the entire body, offering nourishment energetically to our nervous system, easing the body's stress response and bringing a sense of peace, harmony, and realignment. Tulsi flower essence helps bring us closer to the sacred within, offering us illumination and clarity, helping break up old stagnant patterns of energy, thoughts, and emotions, bringing renewal to our mind and heart. Opening our heart and centering our spirit, creating a connection with the earth and the sky.

Wild Rose is an expansive yet sweet energy that supports emotional balance and harmony of mind, body, and spirit. Wild Roses are beautiful and fragrant in nature, but they also have prickly thorns and require care when tended to. This yin and yang energy reminds us that life is about balance — the good with the bad, in synchrony with one another.

Yarrow can protect us from absorbing negative energies by creating an energetic boundary and shield. Ritually, yarrow has been burned and offered to ward off sickness and promote healing; in this way, it serves as a sort of protector. Our Yarrow Flower Essence is made with both sunshine and moonlight.