Tulsi Face Tonic

$ 15.00


Tulsi Face Tonic is an amazing herbal hydrosol made with our beautiful organic tulsi plants. A hydrosol is made by distilling fresh flowers in fresh water; it's s a steam distillation process used to capture the aromatic essence and volatile oils of plants in water.

Tulsi is a warm, neutral, and aromatic herb that can help bring a sense of calm, while still allowing you to stay focused and alert.

Suggested Use:

Use this spray as a refreshing toner for the face, body, or as a room spray. This is lovely as a body mist before applying our Amber Rose Body Butter, or a face mist before our Nourish Herbal Face Oil.

This face tonic can be especially useful if you're experiencing brain fog — as an adaptogen, you can use tulsi regularly to support the overall health and vitality of your body.

Size: 2oz Clear Glass Bottle with Spray Top


Tulsi fresh flowering tops (Ocimum spp.)* & Water

*certified organic

Collections: Body Care

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